Daily Archives: May 23, 2013

Putin Sent His Greetings to Participants at Meeting Marking the 60th Anniversary of Military Technology Cooperation System


Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to participants at the celebratory meeting marking the 60th anniversary of the establishment of a system of military technology cooperation with foreign countries.

The President congratulated ministry and agency personnel, scientists and designers, and current and retired defence industry workers on the anniversary, saying, in particular, in his telegram:

“The defence industry has produced big achievements and developed advanced new types of arms that can reliably guarantee Russia’s national security and defence capability. The industry is constantly modernising its production base, introducing the latest technology, and making major scientific advances. The military technology cooperation system can take pride in the capable professionals working for it…I am sure that you will continue to look after and develop the professional traditions you have built up, and to work for our great homeland’s good.”


KAMAZ Organizes Practical Training for Students


The foundry of OJSC KAMAZ plans to sign an agreement with Bashkir State University. The students and lecturers of BashSU met with the representatives of the foundry plant of OJSC KAMAZ. The main goal of the meeting was a presentation of the plant as an attractive place for students’ practical training.

According to the results of the meeting, the managers of the university appreciated a need for KAMAZ’s suggestion and decided to sign an agreement in order to organize summer paid practical training. The practice is scheduled for August. In all, it is planned to admit about 30 people.

KAMAZ has cooperated with other institutions of higher education to organize practical training. Thus, many graduating students from INEKA underwent training courses at the foundry plant.

Shmakov to Head Russia’s Shipbuilding Corporation


Vladimir Shmakov, first deputy CEO of tank manufacturer Uralvagonzavod, has been appointed head of Russia’s state-run United Shipbuilding Corporation in a bid to shake up deliveries of warships to the navy.

Shmakov was listed at the government meeting as acting head of USC. The state corporation’s previous boss, Andrei Dyachkov, who had headed USC for just ten months, was reported to have resigned on May 6.

Shmakov said USC would focus on the state defense order to provide the navy with modern warships and submarines, building ships and equipment for offshore oil projects, and also nuclear-powered ice breakers.

United Shipbuilding Corporation, established in 2007, is Russia’s largest shipbuilding and ship repair company. It comprises nine design bureaus and 39 shipyards. USC currently accounts for 70 percent of the domestic shipbuilding industry, according to its website. The corporation is wholly owned by the state.

Russia at European Security Conference


An international conference on European security opens on Thursday in Moscow with Russia hoping to discuss approaches to the new pan-European security architecture in an open dialogue with the European Union and the NATO.

The two-day conference brings together senior defense officials from Russia, the EU, the United States and Canada, as well as independent military and political experts.

Both Russia and the West agree that the flaws of the existing security system could leave Europe unprepared should interstate or intrastate conflicts flare up on the continent again as it did in the Balkans in the 1990s and the Caucasus in 2008.

Russian defense officials earlier expressed hope to focus on new mechanisms of arms controls in Europe during the conference as the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) has no prospects in the future.

Russia imposed a unilateral moratorium on the CFE treaty in December 2007, citing concerns over NATO’s eastward expansion, U.S. missile defense plans for Europe, and the refusal of alliance members to ratify the adapted treaty.