Daily Archives: July 9, 2013

“KAMAZ-Leasing” Received Order for KAMAZ-6522RP Hoppers


Group of companies “KAMAZ-Leasing” has concluded a transaction for the supply of 15 KAMAZ-6522RP hoppers. The contract was signed with the company from Noyabr’sk (YAMAO), a provider of automotive equipment is the official dealer of “KAMAZ” the company of “Riat”.

Heavy-wheel-drive KAMAZ-6522RP hoppers are equipped with Cummins engines of 360 hp, body trucks can carry 19 tons of dry bulk and are adapted to the harsh weather conditions of the north.

All cars will be used in the construction industry in the region.


Production of LADA Kalina Wagons will Begin in August


Production of LADA Kalina new generation in “wagon” body will start at AvtoVAZ in August 2013.

Assembly and sale of estates will start from the top configuration.

Potential buyers will have to wait for cheaper versions of “normal” and “standard”, as the LADA Kalina sales strategy aimed at implementing the first of more expensive versions.

Now a test batch of cars in the amount of 5 pieces is produced. The vehicles will be used for testing that is carried out by specialists of the project team and technical services. The cars will be assessed in terms of quality and ease of manufacture, availability of production itself to mass production of this modification of Lada Kalina II.

Nizhny Novgorod Plant Designed Boats for “Mistral”


Design Bureau of the plant “Nizhnegorodsky teplokhod” designed a landing boat 02320 “Kazak”, which can be placed in a docking camera of dockship of “Mistral” type.

Length of landing boat is about 28 meters and width ─ about seven meters. The boat can reach speeds up to 11 knots and carry two types of armored personnel carriers BTR-80 or a hundred people. “Kazak” is equipped with three remote-controlled modules: one ─ with a 12.7 millimeter machine gun, and the other two with automatic grenade launchers of 30 millimeters caliber.

New Shtil-1 Missile Complex


NPO Start, which is a part of Aviation Equipment Holding, demonstrated its new Shtil-1 medium-range anti-aircraft missile system within the framework of the 6th International Maritime Defence Show.

The Shtil-1 missile complex, which has been developed to replace the outdated Uragan defence system, includes modules with anti-aircraft missile launchers and fire control systems. The complex may comprise from one to three combat modules for 12 missiles each. The Shtil-1 system is designed to be installed on the ships with various displacements. The anti-aircraft missile system has no radar and receives the target information from the three-axis radar station of the ship.

The Shtil-1 is capable of engaging air targets at ranges of up to 50 kilometers and at altitudes of up to 15,000 meters. The system can be used to fire on 12 air targets simultaneously.

Kamaz-Daimler JV Intends to Boost Truck Output 20 Percent in 2013


Naberezhnye Chelny-based Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok, a joint venture between Germany’s Daimler and Russia’s Kamaz, intends to ramp up heavy vehicle production by 20 percent to 3,000 units this year, the JV’s chief Carsten Bothmann told reporters in St. Petersburg on Friday.

Last year, the joint venture has produced about 2.5 million trucks. This means that the index of the current year may grow by 20%.  According to Bothmann, “soon the plant will produce 5 thousand trucks.”

Agreement between Kamaz and Daimler was concluded in 2009.