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TOS-1A – Heavy Flamethrower System in Nizhny Tagil


Machines, falling in heavy flamethrower system (TOS-1A) will be presented at the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition – Russia Arms EXPO 2013 by JSC “Design Bureau of Transport Machinery” (Omsk).
Heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A is designed to provide fire support to infantry and tanks, the defeat of the enemy, open and closed firing positions in a variety of offensive and defensive combat. As well as the decommissioning of light armored vehicles and vehicles.
As ammunition BM-1 uses unguided missiles (NURS). The machine is equipped with a rotating platform with a swinging part, which includes a package of 24 of guide tubes for rockets.


Severnaya Verf to Start Production of Corvettes of Project 20385


St. Petersburg Severnaya Verf shipyard will lay the keel of the first mass produced corvette of Project 20385 “Provornyi” on July 25.
Admiral Viktor Chirkov, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, members of the city administration, the leadership of the United Shipbuilding Corporation are expected to attend the event .
Project 20385 corvette designed by the Central Marine Design Bureau “Almaz”. Multipurpose ship of the project 20385 is designed to combat surface ships, submarines, providing air defense and artillery support for the landing and amphibious operations.

Izhmash to Manufacture Vikhr-1 Guided Missiles


Russia’s machine-building company Izhmash JSC has won a defence ministry tender for the supply of Vikhr-1 guided missiles. Under the contract with the Russian defence ministry worth 13 billion roubles, Izhmash will make Vikhr-1 missiles by late 2015.
The Vikhr-1 laser guided missile was developed by the Tula design bureau of instrument-making and passed into service in 1982. The missile is designed to hit armoured vehicles, include those with reactive armour, and low-speed (up to 800 km/h) air targets. Its maximal range capability is ten kilometers, and its firing altitude is up to 4,000 meters.

Defense News TOP 100: Impressive Success of Russian Defense Industry


Defense News publishes new ranking of defense companies Defense News TOP 100. According to the publication, reduction of military spending of U.S. and a number of European countries had an impact on the revenue of the table leaders (mostly Western companies). Seven of the top ten representatives showed a reduction of revenue from sales of military goods. Only one country defensehas shown impressive growth – it is Russia.
So, “Almaz-Antey”, which showed revenue growth of 62%, is one of the five most successful European defense companies and was ranked 14th in the world rankings (having risen by 11 positions). “Helicopters of Russia” also increased sales by 32% and took the 24th place in the table. United Engine Corporation showed sales growth of 49% and reached the 49th place. Concern RTI also grew by 12% to take the 80th place.
Russian manufacturers of combat aircraft have reduced the sale. “Sokhoi” is on the 43rd (minus one step per year), “Irkut” – on the 62d (58), “MiG” – on the 93d (90).

New Engines Production for T-50 Fighter Started in Ufa


In Bashkiria, production of a new generation of aircraft engines begins, multi-role T-50 fighter will equipped with these engines. Thanks to the new power equipment the aircraft will be highly maneuverable.
Preparation for the mass production of fifth-generation engine runs on all platforms of Ufa engine-building plant. This power unit is intended for aircraft T-50. It is expected that thanks to the characteristics the engine will open a new era in the domestic aircraft industry.
Each stage of the engine assembly is controlled and tested. If a sample does not meet all the requirements, it is sent back for revision.