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Mi-17V-5 helicopter deliveries to Afghanistan complete


Deliveries of Mi-17V-5 military-transport helicopters to the Afghan National Army are now complete, with a total of 63 helicopters produced and delivered under the Russian-US cooperation agreement signed in May 2011.

The helicopters have been produced at Kazan Helicopters, part of Russian Helicopters, and supplied by Rosoboronexport on behalf of the Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation (FSVTS Russia).

The helicopters were ordered by the US Army Forces Command under three contracts to equip the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) with transport helicopters capable of performing in the harsh Afghanistan climate and mountainous terrain.

The Mi-17V5, known as the Mi-8MTV-5 in Russia, is a military transport helicopter developed from the Mi-17 (Mi-8MT) medium multirole helicopter. It can transport up to 4,000kg of various kinds of cargo either inside the cabin or on an external sling.


France to hand over first Mistral helicopter carrier on Nov 14


France may hand over the first of two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia on November 14, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said. He announced that Moscow had received an invitation to take delivery at France’s Saint-Nazaire shipyards.

“Rosoboronexport [Russia’s state owned arms exporter] has received an invitation to arrive in Saint-Nazaire on November 14, where 360 Russian sailors and 60 specialist trainers are already,” Rogozin said.

On that day, Vladivostok – the first of two Mistral-class helicopter carrier ships – should be handed over to Russia. The Deputy PM also assumed the second carrier, the Sevastopol, would also be in dock.

“We act from the fact that France must protect its own reputation as a reliable partner, including on issues of military cooperation,” he said. France has always stressed that for them this would be “the litmus test of their national pride and sovereignty,” the Deputy PM added.

Russian Air Force to receive over 120 new helicopters till yearend


Russia’s Air Force will receive over 120 new helicopters till the yearend, the Air Force’s spokesman, Colonel Igor Klimov said on Tuesday.

“Along this, the fleet of operating helicopters is providing intense repair service. Thus, repair and manufacturing enterprises of the military-industrial complex will deliver over 50 helicopters to units of the Army Air Force,” he said.

Six Ansat-U training helicopters will be delivered to the Syzran branch of the military training scientific centre of the Air Force. Cadets are trained there. This year the mean flight time was over 60 hours, Klimov said.

The Army Air Force marks the 66th anniversary on October 28. In 1948 the first air squadron equipped with helicopters was formed. Over the history of its existence crews of the Army Air Force carried out tasks in many trouble spots in Russia and outside it. In times of peace aircrews of the Army Air Force take part in peacekeeping operations and other events.

Project 11356 lead frigate Admiral Grigorovich to join Russian Navy in early November


The lead frigate of Project 11356, the Admiral Grigorovich, is to be handed over to the Russian Navy on November 7, a delegation of the Baltic shipyard Yantar, manufacturing the ships of the series, told TASS at the Euronaval 2014 exhibition in Paris on Wednesday.

“On November 7, we will hand over the lead frigate to the Russian Fleet at a solemn ceremony to be attended by Commander-in-Chief (Viktor) Chirkov,” the representative of the Kaliningrad-based Yantar shipyard said.

The Admiral Grigorovich was laid down in mid-December 2010 and was set afloat in March this year. The frigate is part of the six ships being constructed in Kaliningrad: the Admiral Essen, the Admiral Makarov, the Admiral Butakov, the Admiral Istomin and the Admiral Kornikov.

European arms manufacturers interested in close cooperation with Russia


Europe’s weapons manufacturers are interested in closely cooperating with Russia, including in the naval defense sphere, a senior Rosoboronexport official said on Monday ahead of the opening of the Euronaval 2014 international exhibition in Paris.

Deputy Director General Sergey Ladygin, who leads the delegation from Russia’s main weapons exporter Rosoboronexport, said meetings with both traditional and potential partners from Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East are due to be held.

Special focus will be made on “discussing further cooperation with the leading European manufacturers, including the projects in the interests of the third countries,” the official said.

“Many European arms producers are interested in closer cooperation with Russia, including in naval defense. In current situation, such cooperation is of course hampered by political agenda, however we remain open for our partners and are set for a mutually beneficial dialogue,” he said.

Russia, Brazil, South Africa discuss possibility of joint military products development


Russia, Brazil and South Africa are considering a possibility of joint development of military purpose products, deputy director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Anatoly Punchuk said on Monday.

He is leader of the Russian delegation at Euronaval 2014 (International Naval Defence and Maritime Exhibition and Conference).

“In terms of BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] a series of major projects with India is being implemented now. South Africa shows more interest in cooperation with Russia in the joint development and production of military weaponry,” Punchuk said.

Earlier, Russia’s state corporation, Rosoboronexport, director-general Anatoly Isaikin told TASS that Russia, Brazil and South Africa were planning to hold talks within BRICS before the yearend.

Rosoboronexport to deliver 3 last helicopters to Afghanistan by November 1


Russia’s Kazan Helicopters enterprise is due to deliver three remaining military Mi-17B5 helicopters to Afghanistan under the US contract by November 1, the manufacturer’s marketing director Valery Pashko said on Thursday.

“Until late this month we will send three last helicopters, so that all the 63 helicopters are supplied under the contract,” Pashko said, adding that the customers receive the helicopters in Kazan, in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan.

Russia expects to get payments for the supplies in line with the schedule of their assembly and test flights in Afghanistan. “Until now, the customers have made payments on time,” he said.

Pashko said although it is still unclear whether the US will order new helicopters for the Afghan army, it will have to buy components for Mi-17B5 transport helicopters (NATO reporting name HIP) in Russia.

Production of MS-21 components may be launched in Indonesia


Russian Minister of Industry and Trade visited Indonesia and met with the Chairman of the House of Regional Representative of Republic of Indonesia, Irman Gusman, press-service of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade reports.

Denis Manturov thanked Irman Gusman for taking part in development of cooperation between the countries. «Such a great number of delegations visited the president’s inauguration; this fact confirms the high level of multilateral relations between Indonesia and countries of Southeast Asia» – the Minister noted.

During a meeting with representatives of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held in Jakarta Denis Manturov said that Russia is ready to develop cooperation with its Indonesian partners. In particular, the parties discussed the possibility of purchasing Be-200 amphibian aircraft, which has proven its worth during fire-fighting operations. Indonesia may also launch production of MS-21 components in its territory, the ministry noted.

Mass production of advanced transport aircraft Ermak should be started in 2024


Ilyushin Company plans to start the development of next-generation transport aircraft dubbed Ermak in 2016, Interfax-AVN reports.

“In 2016 we are going to start the development of a family of heavy transport aircraft with a payload of 80 tons and more. These are wide-body aircraft. The next-generation transport aircraft was dubbed Ermak. It is planned to start the airliner’s mass production in 2024”, – CEO of Ilyushin Company, Sergey Sergeev, said.

He noted that Ilyushin Company is facing a great challenge. The whole transport aircraft fleet must be replaced: light, medium, heavy and long-range heavy aircraft segments. “We hope to start the development of a military-transport aircraft with a payload of under 20 tons as soon as possible (the aircraft will replace An-12 vehicles) in the network of MTA project, which is being implemented by Russia and India”, – S.Sergeev added.

Russia is developing only hypersonic technologies


At present Russian scientists are developing only hypersonic technologies instead of hypersonic aircraft, since the vehicle is too expensive, CEO of Advanced Research Foundation, Andrei Grigoriev, said at Open Innovations Forum, RIA Novosti reports.

Over the last decades Russia has been developing hypersonic missiles. Almost all the air defense systems are using hypersonic missiles with maximum speed of about 3 or 4 Mach. Today the specialists are trying to increase the speed to 5-7 Mach.

“Our current projects do not assume the constructions of prototypes. We are developing key technologies, which will be used for production of prototypes. It is very expensive vehicle and the decision to construct it should be made by the government”, — Grigoriev told the journalists.

According to him, “some aspects are being considered in this area”, first of all, this refers to engines and materials. “Taking into account that our longest project was started less than a year ago, all these projects are at early stages of development. The development of key technologies has just started and the fields of research are being defined”, — Grigoriev added.