Mass production of MS-21 aircraft will be started in 2017


The MS-21 prototype intended for static and flight testing will be manufactured in 2015; the aircraft will perform its maiden flight in the first half of 2016; mass production of the new Russian liner will be started in 2017. It was stated by the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov on November 14th 2014 during his visit to Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

«The MS-21 program is right on schedule. The installation of assembly line will be completed in late May. It gives us confidence that the first flying prototype of MS-21 will be ready next year, – Manturov noted. – We are doing our best to replace imported components with Russian-produced analogues. The development of PD-14 engine, advanced aircraft systems and avionics is in progress as well as certification of new composites. As for current configuration of MS-21-300 aircraft, the share of Russian-produced components will exceed 50% (taking into account PD-14 engine developed in Russia). By the start of the jet’s mass production this indicator will reach 60%».

The Minister also noted that the market outlook for MS-21 looks promising. «The aircraft is in demand. The price advantage is increasing (due to ruble’s depreciation and other factors). We have already signed contracts for 175 aircraft. In late 2017 – early 2018 we will receive the type certificate issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee. The first four liners will be delivered to a customer in 2018,» he said.


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