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“NizhSpetsAvto” Introduced New GAZ 33086 Manipulators “Zemlyak” with Fassi F 65 Loader Crane Unit


“NizhSpetsAvto” machinery plant manufactured new models of manipulators based on domestic GAZ 33086 chassis with Fassi F 65 loader crane unit. This model of the manipulator is designed for use at farm enterprises.  “Zemlyak” chassis has a 4.75-liter turbo diesel power unit, which develops maximum power of 122 horsepower, which provides good dynamics and engine pull down. In addition, it is equipped with engine prestart engine heater. Also it features an Italian hydraulic loader crane unit Fassi F65.A.0.22 with load moment of 6.55 t/m, which can handle loads weighing up to 2785 kg with minimum working radius of 2 m, and at maximum radius, which is 7.1 m – up to 835 kg.


“CHETRA-PM” Presented New Equipment Concepts


In early June 2013 at the exhibition “Construction Equipment and Technologies – 2013” the Russian company “CHETRA – Promyshlennie mashiny” presented concepts of C-33 articulated dump truck and T-6 bulldozer, manufactured at “Promtractor” plant (“Concern “Tractornie zavody”).

C-33 is the first wheel dump truck, manufactured at “Promtractor.” Machines of this class are used in mining and construction industries, which require high throughput and flexibility for transporting heavy loads in harsh climatic conditions.

The second concept presented at “Construction Equipment and Technologies – 2013”, was T-6 tracked bulldozer, the smallest one in “Promtractor” product line. This is the only industrial tractor of such capacity in the world that can be transported on KAMAZ 65117 cars without issuing permits in the traffic police. Bulldozer weighs 9400 kg and is designed for performing of excavation works in urban environment, as well as light work in industrial, road, oil and gas and hydraulic engineering.

Hitachi Representatives visited “Tractornie zavody” Enterprises


On May 30, 2013 there was a meeting of representatives of “Tractornie zavody” and representatives of Hitachi aiming to build a mutually beneficial cooperation between the two companies.
During the meeting, the Japanese manufacturers were demonstrated assemblies and parts of running systems manufactured at the enterprises of the Company: JSC “Cheboksarskyi agregatnyi zavod” and “Promtractor.” Hitachi representatives gave high marks for reliability and quality to spare parts of CHAZ TM brand implemented by LLC “CHKZCH.”

General Director of Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia Manufacturing Masafumi Sendzaki said: “Hitachi is interested in developing business relationships with “Tractornie zavody” enterprises in connection with the opening of our plant in the Tver region and further localization of Hitachi in Russia.”