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AvtoVAZ to open a dealership in Crimea


AvtoVAZ President Boo Andersson introduced Lada Vesta and Lada XRAY Izhevsk, promising that in October 2014 a new dealership domestic automaker will be opened in Crimea.

«Lada Vesta is our future. And Izhevsk is also our future – said Boo Andersson at the presentation. – Every day the group of AvtoVAZ produces 2,700 vehicles, 400 of them – in Izhevsk. Today Lada wakes up from a long sleep. You will be surprised, because we did a great job to improve the quality and comfort of our cars. Lada Vesta will be a bestseller – it will be a modern high-quality car at the Russian price, and it will be produced in Izhevsk!”


AVTOVAZ plans to invest RUB 100 billion in technology upgrades


AVTOVAZ plans to invest 100 billion rubles to modernize technologies and update its lineup over the course of the next three years. President of the auto manufacturer Bo Andersson announced this at the VIII Samara Interregional Economic Forum on the topic of “Cluster policy – the basis for the innovative development of the national economy.”

The head of AVTOVAZ also spoke at the forum on the role played by the company in the economy of the country and the region. The company is the largest employer in Togliatti and Samara Region, and nationally the automaker now ranks 20th. Currently AVTOVAZ employs 54,000 people, and if we consider those who work at suppliers, dealers and subsidiaries, the number of employees then rises to 180,000 people.

110,000 LADA Largus Produced in Two Years


Over the course of two years, AVTOVAZ has produced more than 110,000 LADA Largus automobiles. Most are passenger vehicles, with the rest reserved for commercial use.

The LADA Largus is currently the best-selling station wagon on the Russian automobile market, according to the press service of AVTOVAZ. It ranks seventh in the overall ranking of car sales in Russia.

Production of the LADA Largus began on April 4, 2012. 20,000 vehicles were produced the first year, and now 330 LADA Largus vehicles are assembled per day.

In 2013, LADA Largus was named the Russian Car of the Year in the Transport Vehicles (Minivans) category.

Delegation from Angola at Automobile Plant “Ural”


A delegation of the Republic of Angola visited autoworks “Ural” of “GAZ Group”, led by the Minister of National Defense, General – Colonel Candido Pereira dos Santos Van Dunem .

The delegation included Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Angola to the Russian Federation, Joaquim Augusto de Lemos. The purpose of the visit of the Angolan delegation is to discuss further cooperation with the automobile plant “Ural”, started about forty years ago.

Representatives of Angola visited production sites of the factory and got acquainted with commercially available and promising products of the enterprise.

Mexican Ambassador to Russia Visited Automobile Plant “Ural”


The Ambassador of the United Mexican States in the Russian Federation, Mr. Alberto Ruben Beltran Guerrero visited autoworks “Ural” of “GAZ Group”. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the engineering company and to consider the possibility of further mutually beneficial cooperation initiated 20 years ago.

During the visit to the plant Mexican Ambassador visited production sites of “Ural”, got familiar with the commercially available and promising products of the enterprise.

Russian Military in Tajikistan to Drive New “Ural”


More than forty trucks “Ural-4320” entered into service at the 201st Russian military base stationed in Tajikistan, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday , March 26, 2014 , a spokesman for the Central Military District, Colonel Jaroslav Roschupkin said.

“More than 40 cars of combined arms destination “Ural-4320″ went into action with 201 artillery units of the Russian military base stationed in Tajikistan,” he said.

AVTOVAZ Hopes to Keep Russia’s Car Sales at 2013 Level


Russia’s major carmaker AVTOVAZ forecasts the keeping of LADA cars’ this year sales on the country’s domestic market at the level of 2013 – 460,000 units, the company’s press service told Itar-Tass on Friday.

“In 2014, AVTOVAZ plans to sell 460,000 inside the country and raise its share up to 19 percent on the falling market,” the press service said.

In 2013, the company sold 456,300 cars of its major brand. All in all, the company cut total car sales (including its car sales to foreign market) by 12.1 percent to 534,900 vehicles.

Earlier, AVTOVAZ President Bo Anderson put forth the company’s plans to manufacture 484,000 cars this year, which is 10.5 percent more than a year ago.

GM-AVTOVAZ Board of Directors Meeting


On March 17th, the GM-AVTOVAZ Board of Directors Meeting took place in Togliatti. During the meetings, the Board reviewed 2013 operational performance, and discussed future production and investment activities at the JV.

Organizationally, a few changes were reviewed. Namely, there were changes to the JV’s Board membership on the part of General Motors following GM Russia’s integration, and JV’s as a part of it, into GM Europe organization, and on the part of OJSC “AVTOVAZ” with a view to the recent President assignment.

OJSC «AVTOVAZ» President Bo Inge Andersson was elected Chairman of GM-AVTOVAZ Board of Directors. The Board members thanked Igor Komarov, James P. Bovenzi, James B. De Luca, and Julian G. Blissett for their work as the Board members, and contribution into GM-AVTOVAZ development.

Nissan Sub Brand to be Presented in Russia


First serial model of Datsun, Nissan’s sub brand, manufactured by Russian major car producer AvtoVAZ will be presented on April 4 in Moscow, Nissan’s press office in Russia reported on Thursday.

According to the press office, Datsun was developed especially for the Russian market, and its launch of major importance for the brand’s global expansion. This will be the first time Datsun will be officially available in Russia.

The car was designed in Japan and developed by an international team of talented engineers who relied on the 80-year experience of Nissan Motor Corporation. According to Datsun’s Director in Russia Jerome Sego, the price will not exceed $10,989 and cars will be characterized by a high level of localization. The first serial cars will be available at dealers by the summer. The initial network of 25 dealers is planned to be expanded.

This year AvtoVAZ will launch serial production of two Datsun models but extend the model range in the following years. Datsun may reach about 100,000 sales by 2016 and go for exports.

GAZ Group Buses for Sochi Olympics


GAZ Group developed and supplied a whole fleet of new buses to carry visitors to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The buses were specially designed to conform to the requirements of reliability and safety for international events of this level. According to the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Olympics Transport Directorate”, since 7 February approximately 42,000 passengers have made from 2 to 4 daily trips on “Olympic” GOLAZ and LiAZ buses serving the routes of the Coastal and Mountain clusters.

During preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi a traffic management intelligence system was created which allowed the city road network traffic to increase capacity by 2.5 times and the system certainly proved its high efficiency with the volume of passengers on bus routes reaching up to 2,000 people per hour.