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Exhibition “Technoforum 2014” will bring together professionals in mid-October


International exhibition “Technoforum 2014” will be held in Moscow on October 20-23, 2014 in the territory of “Expocentr”.

For Professionals business events will be held within the framework of the exhibition.

The key event will be the scientific and technical conference “Advanced technologies and the development of high-tech equipment by enterprises of machine tool industry to meet the challenges of the Federal Program “Development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation for 2011-2020”.

Organizers are Association “Stankoinstrument” and OAO “Stankoprom” with the assistance of ZAO “Expocentr”.

The president of the Association “Stankoinstrument” Georgy Samodurov and the CEO of “Stankoprom” Sergey Makarov will open the conference.


KRET to Participate in Hydrovisionrussia International Exhibition


Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau, which is part of KRET, will take part in the 4th international HydroVisionRussia 2014 exhibition, which will be held from March 4-6. The company will showcase its latest developments in operating and maintaining hydropower facilities.

At the exhibition the Ulyanovsk enterprise will present the second-generation SUG-2M hydraulic unit, which is designed for the integrated management of up to 10 MW.

SUG-2M is based on the ultramodern, innovative S7-1500 programmable controller from Siemens. The controller has the highest rates of performance and reliability in its class. SUG-2M also includes the new S7-1200 controller, which works in real-time and also serves as a backup.

Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau will also present a new modification of a device that determines the current state of the MOP-4 hydraulic turbine actuator. A distinctive feature of the MOP-4 is its ability to configure an initial operational range of the input signal as well as the ability to work in reverse mode.

Machine Engineering Technologies to Participate at Defexpo-2014


The Bazalt State Research and Production Enterprise, a part of Machine Engineering Technologies that is in turn a subsidiary of the Rostec State Corporation, will participate at the DefexpoIndia 2014 international exhibition. For the first time the Russian company will present full-scale models of aerial bombs and functional models of experimental equipment.

A delegation from one of the oldest defense enterprises in the country, Bazalt State Research and Production Enterprise, will participate at the DefexpoIndia 2014 Land, Naval & Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition, which will take place from February 6-9 in Delhi.

Life-size models of the aerial ODAB-500PMV thermobaric warhead and designed PBK-500U cluster bomb will be presented for the first time at the joint stand of Machine Engineering Technologies at the expo.

The 500 kg aerial thermobaric bomb is designed to engage manpower, industrial facilities, vulnerable equipment, light engineering structures as well as for clearing anti-infantry and anti-tank minefields.

The planned PBK-500U cluster bomb can be deployed outside the enemy’s anti-aircraft defense areas at a range of around 30 kilometers away as well as from heights ranging from 100 meters to 12 kilometers.

Functional models of the PUI-26, PUI-27, PUI-Sh1 and PUI-Sh2 experimental equipment will also be presented at the expo for the first time.

Russian Technology Featured at Milipol-2013


Valery Varlamov, head of the Rosoboronexport delegation to Milipol-2013, described the company’s achievements at the international exhibition for security services and systems

Varlamov noted that this year’s exhibition gave Rosoboronexport specialists much information to analyze. “The exhibition helped us realize that we have a lot of good things going for us, but we still have more work to do. That is, we have material for further analysis,” VPK quoted Varlamov as saying. To this end, Rosoboronexport specialists closely studied the presentations of their competitors, as well as potential partners.

According to Varlamov, Rosoboronexport’s security systems still lack overall unity in bringing together the many different components from public and private companies. “We need to work on this and be more persuasive at the next exhibition,” he emphasized.

Discussing the company’s achievements at the exhibition, Varlamov emphasized that the company met all of its goals. “Our exhibits and presentations about our defense-industrial industries were much better than in 2011,” the delegation head explained.

Russia Presents Prospective Helicopters at Dubai Airshow


The Russian Helicopters holding will present at the International Dubai Airshow 2013 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a number of prospective civilian and military helicopters, as well as those currently in production, company spokesman Roman Kirillov said.

Russian Helicopters, JSC is a subsidiary of the Oboronprom United Industrial Corporation, which in turn is a part of State Corporation Rostec. It is one of the global leaders in helicopter production and the only helicopter design and production powerhouse in Russia. Russian Helicopters is headquartered in Moscow

According to the holding spokesman, Russian Helicopters will demonstrate serial civilian helicopters, including the Kamov Ka-32A11BC, and prospective models – the multi-purpose Mil Mi-171A2, the newest Ka-62 and the upgraded Mi-26T2 helicopter.

Open Innovations Exhibition Shows New Technologies


The third day of the Open Innovations Forum was dedicated to the exhibition. All visitors were welcomed to see what various innovation centers and institutes were working on.

Skolkovo presents one of its new projects called Carbon Vally. This project helps to collect big data from medicine centers, analyze it, systematize it and then send it to medic labs that are developing new drugs and vaccines. The program is aimed at improving the quality of health care.

Visitors of the exhibition can spend their time is a Smart City. This is a huge exhibition platform representing a city divided in different sections: Smart House, Smart Market, Smart Library, Smart School, Smart Hospital. Each section explains how IT technologies and new apps can make life easier in a big city.

The State Technical University MADI presents a new project called “Electric Formula.” Students created the first in Russia electric racing car that pics up speed to 100 kilometers per hour just in five seconds. And it cn run up to 25 kilometers using just one battery.

Four Russian Innovation Companies Win Generation S Prize


The third international forum “Open Innovations” handed out the awards to the winners of the acceleration program Generation S. 19 participants fought for the right to be included in the list of leaders. The jury that consisted of Russian and international investors selected four best teams based on the final presentations of the contest participants.

The project called Appercode developed by a team from Novosibirsk won the top prize. Two projects took the second place – BioMicroGels from Yekaterinburg and 3DMetalPrint from Ufa. WayRay from Moscow placed third. The winners shared between themselves the bonus pool of 5 million rubles.

The top winner – project Appercode from Novosibirsk – is a unique platform that allows to develop mobile applications quickly and inexpensively, which is to allow to significantly cut the costs of small and medium businesses.

All the projects represented at the contest were absolutely different, but equally talented. So, it was not easy to select the winners, admits Ekaterina Bulychova, deputy director of the Center for the Innovative Development of Moscow.

Open Innovations Forum Welcoming Simple Solutions


The global discussion platform – Open Innovations Forum – is dedicated to emerging technologies and furthering innovation prospects and collaboration worldwide. During his appearance on a second day of the Forum Arcady Dvorkovich, Russian Deputy Prime Minister spoke about technological and digital inequality in the world.

“Today, all across the world we are witnessing a complete technological reorganization of the global economy—a direct result of the rapid development of innovative processes. And we must move even further forward in this direction,” Dvorkovich said. “Simple solutions are the most popular at the market, so we are welcoming such solutions,” he added.

In the end of his speech Dvorkovich noted that robots now can play chess with a human!

Interpolitex 2013 Took Place in Moscow


XVII International Exhibition of Means of achieving state security and security equipment Interpolitex – 2013 tooke place from 22 to 25 October in Moscow. More than 200 prospective developments in the field of arms and security equipment highly demanded in Russian and global markets were presented there by Rostec.

Such innovations were demonstrated by the State Corporation as the optical systems for unmanned aerial vehicles developed by the holding Shvabe, the systems of navigation and orientation in enemy’s territory developed by design bureau Kompas and a unique assault rifle amphibian.

Moscow Design Bureau Kompas presented an ultramodern complex of terrain orientation “XXI century soldier”, which uses the latest developments in the field of night vision systems and monitoring of psycho-physiological state of the personnel.

Among the developments of holding Roselektronika were the samples of configurations of thermal rifle scopes, panoramic video surveillance systems with a surveillance angle of 360 degrees and with the expansion of 50 megapixels and solid-state microwave modules for advanced radar systems.

The concern Kalashnikov showed more than 50 military and civilian models of weapons and ammunition. Among them there were a new Saiga-MK-107 with a balanced automatic system, Saiga-12S EXP-01, sniper rifles SV-98 and SV-99, the famous semi-automatic Yarigin’s pistol developed for a special 9×21 mm chuck, carbine Boar-15 with a flexible modular platform and improved ergonomics and upgraded assault rifle RPK-203 with the magazine for 40 shells.

Opportunities of Open Innovations Forum


Russia has no other model of sustainable development than innovational one, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said ahead of the 2nd Open Innovations Forum which will take place in the Russian capital from October 31 to November 2. He doesn’t exclude that important agreements with leading foreign companies in the field of new technologies will be signed following the Moscow Forum.

The main goal of the forum is to get businessmen, authorities, scientists and education experts acquainted with key trends of innovative development and to determine challenges and opportunities emerging along with a new scientific and technical revolution.

The Open Innovations Forum showed itself as a universal platform for discussion, Dvorkovich, Chairman of the forum’s organizing committee, noted.

Special MIT research overseeing innovative trends of 2013 will be presented at the forum and will become a starting point for further discussion. However, the innovative development forum is not only theory.

New projects and new businesses should become the obvious benefit of the forum. It’s necessary to strengthen an innovative wave spreading throughout the county as it’s the only chance to get decent economic growth, Dvorkovich underlined, saying that Russia is ready to do its best to have people with money and those with ideas meet, cooperate and implement new projects.