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Severstal Increases Environmental Protection Projects Investment


The Cherepovets Steel Mill, part of the Russian Steel division of OAO Severstal will invest up to 2.5bln rubles ($81mln) in its environmental improvement program in 2013. It is more than double the amount invested in 2012. In 2012, the Cherepovets Steel Mill invested 1.16bln rubles ($37.8mln) in environmental improvement projects. One of Severstal’s top priorities is to reduce non-organic dust emissions that are produced in the steelmaking process. The company’s projects in this area, established in 2011, will ensure that best-practice emissions treatment will be applied at Cherepovets, ensuring that the Mill reaches the statutory dust tolerances by 2016.

Alexander Grubman, CEO of the Severstal Russian Steel Division, said they were marking Russia’s Year of Ecology with a significant increase in investment to improve their environmental performance at the Cherepovets Steel Mill.


Korsair Holdings to Design and Market High-Tech LFP Accumulators


Korsair Holdings announces that it has entered into a partnership to design and market High-Tech accumulator devices named RUCELL. The new and highly competitive product line is based on Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) and will be designed particularly for the use in “green energy” related projects. The primary markets for Korsair for LFP accumulators promotion and sale will be in Europe and Africa. The LFP-based accumulator technology has been developed by a Chinese-Russian Joint Venture in close cooperation with engineering teams, scientists and universities.

Korsair Holdings AG is a technology holding company managed by an international development group focusing on environmental and technical infrastructure projects related to renewable energy and green technologies.