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Kalashnikov: ‘promoting peace and calm’


Equipped with a shiny new logo and claiming its guns are “protecting peace”, the Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov launched a major rebranding drive in Moscow on Tuesday. Kalashnikov Concern, a new overarching brand that includes the famed assault rifles as well as hunting and sports weaponry, paid a leading Russian agency to design a new brand and renew its worldwide image.

“The Kalashnikov is a Russian symbol that is known across the world,” said Alexei Krivoruchko, Kalashnikov’s chief executive. “The rebranding is a symbol of changes in the way our business works and our product lines that have been long in the making. The new brand will reflect our main principles: reliability, responsibility and technological efficiency.”


Kalashnikov to introduce new brand on December 2


Small arms manufacturer Concern Kalashnikov will introduce a new brand and corporate development strategy through the year 2020 on December 2.
The presentation will take place in the Central Telegraph and will bring together Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov, CEO of  Concern Kalashnikov Alexey Krivoruchko, law enforcers and members of the military and security services.

Rebranding should help create the image of Concern Kalashnikov as the leader of the Russian arms manufacturing industry, extending to all markets in which the company is present. A common architecture has been created for both the Russian domestic and international markets. Changes will affect the visual image of the Concern’s brand and the structure of the entire product line currently in production.

The weapons manufacturing holding company Concern Kalashnikov financed the creation of its new brand from its own cash reserves. The company did not raise any money from the government to implement this project.
Concern Kalashnikov’s products are shipped to 27 countries around the world, including the US, UK, Germany, Norway, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan and Thailand. Kalashnikov generated more than RUB 2 billion in 2013 revenues. US and Canada imposed sanctions on the Concern in July 2014, forcing it to suspend deliveries to these two countries.

“Kalashnikov” to invest in the development of production more than 15 billion rubles

Concern “Kalashnikov” intends to invest in the development of production more than 15 billion rubles, the interim head of Udmurtia Alexander Solovyov said on Tuesday.
According to him, now the concern is changing the machinery equipment at a fast pace, investing in it, writes “Interfax”. Solovyov also said that in 2014 the concern demonstrated significant growth in production volumes.
“Today, when compared with 2013 year, they have about 39-42% growth. And even if we were not imposed an embargo by the United States, the growth for this year would be very significant”, he said.

Kalashnikov Named Winner of Tender for Brand Development


The group Kalashnikov, a part of Rostec State Corporation, announced the results of the tender for a development of the brand and created a system of naming products.

The winner has been the Centre of Strategic Communications Apostle, whose application meets the requirements from the competitive commission of the group. The campaign on rebranding will be realized at the expense of the own funds of the group. It has held thanks to the additional emission in favor of private investors. The new brand will be introduced in autumn 2014.

The maximum starting price of the lot amounted to RUB 20 million. The proposals for a participation in the tender have been submitted by the Center for Strategic Sommunications Apostle, LLC EVO Inter, LLC Artvell and LLC Plenum-DEFA. The applications were accepted until the 30th April 2014.

Kalashnikov to Protect its Trademark from Copying


The Kalashnikov Group has lodged an application for the registration of the three-dimensional images of the AK and the AKM rifle family as trademarks. If the application is approved, the toy manufacturers that copy the famous weapons will have to obtain a license for the importation of these products in Russia.

The documents for the registration were submitted for 21 types of goods (total number of the types in the international classification of goods and services is 45). The company’s representatives emphasize that the registration of a three-dimensional image is the principal question because the “flat” image patent can be сheated by changing its angle.

Kalashnikov to Manufacture Rifles for Russian Biathletes

Dmitry Medvedev

During a meeting of the Trainers’ Council of the Russian Biathlon Union held in Khanty-Mansiysk, the decision was made for the Kalashnikov concern to produce rifles for the Russian national biathlon team beginning this year.

According to Soviet Sport, around 200 rifles are expected to be made in the first year.

Izmash, the basis for the creation of the concern Kalashnikov, manufactured rifles for biathletes in the Soviet era. The most perfect example of a special rifle is the BI-7-4 performance 9 series, manufactured in the Udmurtia capital. This is the model ordered by the Russian Biathlon Union.

In 2009, Mikhail Prokhorov, president of the Russian Biathlon Union, declared that he was ready to give Izhmash a chance to reclaim its position in Russian biathlon and purchased 30 rifles.

Russia Offered Chile Kalashnikovs and Training Aircraft


“Rosoboronexport” Offered the Ministry of Defense of Chile the supply of “KamAZ” and “Ural” vehicles, combat training aircraft Yak-130 and light weapons, including Kalashnikovs. Chilean military are interested in the last two items, requesting information for analysis. As expected, later “Rosoboronexport” will be sent an official request to start substantive negotiations.

Chilean side is also interested in the possibility of purchasing horizon radar “Podsolnukh -E” and MANPADS “Igla-S”. In addition, it is planned to resume negotiations for supply of multi-purpose helicopters. In 2010, the parties agreed to supply the Chilean military six Mi-17 helicopters, but the contract was never signed, because of the earthquake in Chile which reduced the military budget.

Kalashnikov Concern Produced Sporting Weapons for Biathletes in Russia


Biathlon has already for many years been one of the most popular winter sports. After its debut at 1960 Olympics, it has been constantly included into international competitions. This sport, apart from of sportsmen, also involves competition of their weapons. Sporting weapons for biathletes in Russia are produced by Kalashnikov Concern.

In 1960, when biathlon was included into the Winter Olympics, this sport was, so to say, paramilitary. Sportsmen used rifles based on army magazine carbines, distance to targets was 150-200 m, and to hit the targets heavy 7.62 and 6.5 cartridges were used.

Kalashnikov Concern Does Work on Vikhr Anti-Tank Missile Systems as Scheduled


Despite a contract with the Defence Ministry to produce the Vikhr anti-tank missile systems has been suspended, the work is being done as scheduled, Kalashnikov Concern director-general Alexei Krivoruchko said.

“We’re working in compliance with the contract. For us this is the priority. Although the contract has been delayed the work continues,” the director-general said.

The concern hopes to improve the situation, he said, adding that there was delay in the schedule.

A court will be conducted in the beginning of March and the problem will be solved finally, Krivoruchko said.

Last year the court recognised the results of the tender for producing the Vikhr-1 missile systems as invalid. The concern filed a cassational appeal to the Federal Court of Arbitration of Moscow Region.

Steven Seagal Agreed to be International Ambassador for Kalashnikov


Hollywood tough guy and martial arts guru Steven Seagal has agreed to consider becoming an international ambassador for Kalashnikov-made small arms.

The state-owned Rostec corporation, which owns Kalashnikov Concern, announced earlier this month that it has signed a deal with a US company to supply 200,000 firearms annually, and it is now looking to market its products worldwide.

“Seagal is ready to hold talks on a contract with Russian concern Kalashnikov on promotion of its weaponry [abroad],” Rostec said in a news release.

The star of “Hard to Kill” and “Under Siege” made headlines in March when he joined President Vladimir Putin at the opening of a martial arts center in Moscow to support a plan to improve physical fitness.