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KAMAZ-Master Team Took all Three Top Medals


According to the press service of the company, the runners of the KAMAZ-Master team won the second stage of the Russian Cup of the Khagan Gold 2014 in Astrakhan, after having won all three top medals.

The crew headed by Airat Mardeev, reached the first place in the off-road racing, holding a four-day period during 10:33:48 hours. Three minutes later, the truck directed by Eduard Nikolaev crossed the finish line, and the Andrey Karginov team reached the third place at the finish, 23 minutes later than the leader.

For the champion of this stage, Airat Mardeev, this was his first victory of the Khagan Gold Rally. He successfully led nearly the entire race, by winning the first and third rounds and the final stage.


KAMAZ Quality at Perfect Level


KAMAZ received the distinction “Recognized for Excellence” in the category of large enterprises at the 9th International Tournament for Quality among Central and Eastern European Countries.

KAMAZ won the right to use the logo of the award for commercial and advertising purposes for three years.

The tournament was based on the fundamental concepts of excellence and the EFQM Excellence Model for Central and Eastern European countries. This was endorsed by the EOQ General Assembly as an intermediate step in preparing for the European Quality Award competition, which helps encourage businesses and organizations in the process of improving quality and identifying models of excellence in the Central-East region.

Center for Expert Programs of the All-Russian Organization for Quality previously used EFQM criteria to assess KAMAZ, which in 2011 received the highest level of evaluation, “Recognized for Excellence” and “5 Stars”.

KAMAZ and Liebherr to Build New Engines


Sergei Kogogin, CEO of KAMAZ , and Dr. Willi Liebherr, president of the governing council of Liebherr-International AG, have signed a contract to develop a new line of diesel and gas engines.

According to the agreement, KAMAZ will provide the services to develop stationary diesel and gas generators, as well as the next generation of diesel and gas engines for KAMAZ cars and buses.

The automaker will create a modern production site for their development in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The new six-cylinder engines will have a 12-liter volume with a wide power range (from 450 to 700 hp). They will be equipped with Common Rail injection systems and control units made by the Swiss company Liebherr, which will help limit fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

“KAMATEYNER” Interested Dmitry Medvedev


During the working visit to Tatarstan the Prime Minister of the Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev was introduced an innovative product of “KAMAZ” – project ” KAMATEYNER”.

During the presentation, held at the site of the Kazan State Power Engineering University, the Russian prime minister watched with interest the represented KAMAZ trucks with containers and got acquainted with the principles of their work. Deputy Director General of “KAMAZ” Sales and Service Pavel Kanichev told the Prime Minister and Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov about the implementation of the project and its cost-effectiveness for Russia.

KAMAZ to Build 218 Trucks for UN


Russia’s largest truck maker KAMAZ will build 218 trucks for shipment of United Nations’ humanitarian cargoes, the company’s press centre has told Itar-Tass.

Trucks will be given as a contribution to the United Nations World Food Programme.

“KAMAZ will make its first trucks for the UN in June,” the press centre said. “Now we are preparing and finalizing contractual documents, discuss delivery terms and choose countries, where trucks will be sent.”

In 2014, the United Nations will get 100 trucks, including dropside trucks, dump trucks, tanker trucks and mobile repair shops with spare parts. KAMAZ will assemble other trucks in 2015.

KamAZ Truck Maker Signs Indonesia Sales Deal


Russia’s largest truck maker KamAZ has signed a deal to sell and eventually assemble its vehicles in Indonesia, a company official told RIA Novosti.

KamAZ reached agreement with Indonesia’s PT. Tehnikaina to act as distributor for its trucks, said Rafail Gafayev, the company’s export director.

“Indonesia with its population of 250 million is the largest market in Southeast Asia,” he said.

The deal was agreed on the sidelines of a meeting of a bilateral trade commission and has been in the works for over a year, according to Gafeyev.

“KamAZ currently intends to pursue a much more aggressive policy in exporting our products,” he said. “Over the next seven years we intend to increase [exports] fivefold.”

KAMAZ to Deliver More than 100 Vehicles for UN


The Russian government intends to transfer KAMAZ trucks for the fund of UN World Food Program, for the purchase of which will be allocated 727 million rubles.

This order was prepared by the Ministry of Finance as part of orders of the President of Russia about the UN project realization to refurbish the parc, which is carrying out transportation of humanitarian aid. It is expected that in 2014-2015 it will be allocated up to 727 million rubles from the federal budget. These funds will be used by Russian Emergencies Ministry for a purchase of KAMAZ flatbed, Bowsers and mobile auto repair shops (PARM) with sets of spare parts in the domestic market of Russia. The vehicles will be transferred as a contribution of Russian Federation in the natural form the fund of UN World Food Program.

It is expected that vehicles it will be allocated 436 million rubles for the purchase of KAMAZ this year, and the next – up to 291 million rubles. Supplier of cars – “Foreign Trade Company KAMAZ” – plans to ship 100 units of automotive technology in 2014, including high-sided trucks KAMAZ-43118 and KAMAZ-6520, Bowsers and PARM on chassis KAMAZ-43114. Delivery countries in 2014 are Afghanistan, Ghana and Uganda.

ZF KAMA Opened New Factory Shop


A new factory shop has opened in Naberezhnye Chelny at ZF KAMAZ, the joint enterprise between KAMAZ and the German company ZF Friedrihshafen.

The joint venture will be home to thermal manufacturing and an expanded range of transmission models. 90 million euros of investments have been promised through 2016, increasing the production capacity of the joint venture 2.5 times.

It is planned that, by 2016, ZF KAMA will produce up to 50,000 Ecosplit and Ecomid transmissions per year. They will be available not only in KAMAZ vehicles, but those of other companies too, including MAZ.

Ecosplit is a 16-speed manual transmission for heavy trucks carrying up to 40 tons. It is typically used in heavy dump trucks, tractors, fire engines, racing trucks (including cars in the KAMAZ-Master rally team), and trailers.

New Technologies at Chelnyvodokanal


ZAO Chelnyvodokanal, KAMAZ’s subsidiary, mastered a new process for rehabilitation of large diameter sewer lines with the application of an innovation spiral wound technology.

The method is unique because pipelines can be renovated through wells without site excavation and service interruption. This is a fast and environmentally friendly process, which is an advantage of the technology. The method new for Russia has been used in Europe for already ten years. It is feasible in densely built-up areas, centers with buildings of high historical value, and it retains existing landscapes and preserves historic sites.

The spiral wound technology is based on the principle of a manageable polyethylene profile strip which forms a new pipe in a host pipeline with the help of a special winding machine.

Rosneft Likes Bravis


OOO KAMAZ-MARCO, the joint venture of KAMAZ and the Brazilian company Marcopolo S.A., signed an agreement on delivery of seven suburban buses to one of the world`s top publicly traded oil and gas companies – Rosneft.

The first batch of buses was leased, and it has already been delivered to Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The vehicles are produced in Neftekamsk at the facilities of JSC Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, KAMAZ’s subsidiary in Bashkiria. The standard BRAVIS is an 8-meter bus with 20 seats, the total number of its passengers can reach 50 people. It is based on the KAMAZ-3297 chassis, and its body is made in Brazil. The model complies with Euro 4 emission standards, and it is made of components of the world’s largest producers: a Cummins engine, a ZF gearbox, a Daimler axle, a Knorr-Bremse brake system.